Over-sensitized and over-reactive: this is your brain when you suffer from migraines. In this issue, we look at ways to reduce your brain's sensitivity to stimuli that may be triggering - or intensifying - your attacks. We also share ways to winterize your migraine prevention routine and how to minimize your chances of having red wine spark a migraine.

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This is Your Brain on Migraines

No matter where you ultimately feel pain, the actual sensation of pain starts in your brain. Repeated migraines can super-sensitize your brain to stimuli so it sends out super-sized pain signals. Here's how migraine specialists seek to reduce this sensitivity–and thus reduce the frequency and intensity of attacks.

Toning the brain's blood vessels

Nutrient deficiencies, histamines, stress, certain foods and many other common migraine triggers can cause your brain's blood vessels to spasm. This creates inflammation which prompts the brain to flood your body with pain signals that can intensify aura, nausea and the actual attack itself.

Like well-toned muscles, well-toned blood vessels are stronger and more resilient to stresses. Because they are more flexible, the spasms and inflammation are experienced as less intense so the brain sends less intense pain signals. The result is that you may experience fewer and less intense migraines*–even though you are exposed to the same stimuli that might otherwise trigger a major episode.

This is how Petadolex® works. Extracted from butterbur root, its active ingredients help tone blood vessels in your brain. Regular use supports greater resilience when the vessels are triggered to spasm.

Supporting blood flow in the brain

Blood flow is another factor that can that can prompt the brain to send out pain signals. Parthenolide is a plant-based chemical. It is naturally found in feverfew and in concentrated form in MIG-99®. Parthenolide has been used to target blood clots. It may also be beneficial for migraines: By targeting the blood supply in the brain, it may reduce blood vessel expansion and prevent inflammation which could cause the brain to signal migraine pain.*

Normalizing brain cells' ability to make and use energy

Studies show that people who suffer from migraines may have lower-than-normal levels of magnesium, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and coenzyme Q10. This disrupts the brain's ability to maintain cellular energy and can disrupt normal pain-message substances in the brain. Supplementation of these nutrients can correct the deficiency and restore normal activity. The key is supplementing with high, clinical levels of these nutrients, which is why the Dolovent™ blend can be so beneficial.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases.

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If you truly love red wine, here's how you might be able to sip a glass without triggering an attack: choose varieties that have the lowest levels of tannins such as merlot of cabernet sauvignon.

A butterbur extract supplement may offer additional benefit, since its active ingredient also inhibits the production of histamine.

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Winterize Your Migraine Prevention Routine

For many migraine sufferers, changes in weather can trigger attacks. Winter's drastic shifts in temperature, harsh winds, and falling barometer can be particularly challenging. Migraine sufferers should be especially alert to conditions such as these:

  • Temperature changes
  • High winds
  • Stormy weather/barometric pressure drops
  • Extremely dry conditions
In addition to adapting to chilly, dry weather, there are 5 additional strategies for winterizing your prevention routine. Check out our Quick Guide to Winter Migraine Prevention

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