Two migraine-preventing drugs are now available. The latest, Ajovy, just came on the market in September. Anything that reduces migraine days is a valuable addition to the migraine toolkit. But is $500+/month Ajovy any more effective than far less-costly preventatives already available? We compare actual study results. We also explain how to avoid Medication Overuse and how to keep GERD from triggering migraines.

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How Effective is the New Migraine Drug Ajovy?

Ajovy is the second, much-anticipated anti-CGRP drug approved by the FDA specifically for migraine prevention. Like the first FDA-approved drug, Aimovig, Ajovy is available as an injection and it costs over $500 a month. That's a steep price, but if the drug can give you more migraine-free days it could be well worth the cost. But how many more migraine-free days can users actually expect?

Ajovy patients reported a 23% reduction in migraines. Patients averaged 20 migraine days per month at the start of the study, and 15.5 days at the end. That's still a lot of migraine days, but it's 4.5 fewer per month. Any migraine-free day is an improvement, but is a 23% improvement the best you can do?

Let's compare results of natural alternatives studied in similarly conducted placebo-controlled clinical trials:






% reduction in migraine


Lipton, 2004

Gaul, 2015

Diener, 2005

Of all patients who saw a reduction in their migraines, how many experienced at least a 50% improvement? With Ajovy, 41%. With Petadolex, 68%.  

Bottom line: Ajovy seems like an excellent choice for chronic migraine sufferers when other strategies haven’t worked. But before committing to monthly injections costing over $500 each, it makes sense to see if a natural alternative might work even better for you than this new drug—especially if you’re experiencing fewer than 20 migraine days a month. 

Here is the physician prescribing information for the drug: Check out the facts on Ajovy yourself

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Good news: Research shows 75% of MOH sufferers were able to self-detoxify. When they did, their chronic headaches became occasional headaches.

Even better news: Detoxing from MOH may also improve the responsiveness of the migraine preventatives you use. In fact, trial data shows that just using a preventative may on its own help you avoid MOH because the fewer migraines you have, the less you need medication and so the MOH cycle doesn't gear up.
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RISK ALERT: Migraines and GERD

Do you have migraines and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)? Long-term use of proton pump inhibitors like Prilosec can deplete the body’s normal levels of magnesium  Deficiencies of this critical mineral are liked with migraines.  See if you’re at risk: Symptoms of magnesium deficiency

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