What if alcohol doesn�t belong on the list of migraine triggers? In this issue, we explore what the studies really show. We also look at how low �brain energy� leads to migraines and how research shows that a natural remedy outperforms OTC painkillers.

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Alcohol Often Triggers Migraines, Right? Or Wrong?

Virtually any list of migraine triggers (including those we�ve provided!) suggests avoiding beer, wine and alcohol. But a new study can�t find the evidence to support excluding these drinks.

The study, presented at the 18th Congress of the International Headache Society found no association between alcohol in migraines in most of study participants. For 90 days, over 500 migraine sufferers answered daily questions about their attacks and exposure to alcohol. Within the group, 78% of participants showed no association between alcohol and migraine. Surprisingly, where an association was found, consuming alcohol most often was reported to reduce the incidence of attacks.

If alcohol isn�t the culprit, what is?

The answer may be that it is a substance present in alcoholic drinks that is responsible for triggering the migraine. Some alcoholic beverages, for instance, contain tyramine, phenylethylamine, sulphites and flavonoid phenols. They also include histamine, which we explored in depth in our October newsletter as a migraine trigger. Here�s the link again to our PDF on tracking down histamine intolerances: CLICK HERE.

Vasodilation (arteries expanding to increase blood flow to the brain) may play a role in some alcohol-induced headaches. Even more important, researchers say, may be the release of serotonin which acts on nerve transmitter involved in central pain control. But no matter how alcohol may provoke migraines, the research indicates that�in most cases�alcohol doesn�t trigger migraines.

So, should you avoid alcoholic beverages or not?

As with so many migraine triggers, the answer is �it depends.� It depends on your own sensitivity to histamine, phenols and other substances present in the beverages you choose to drink. A light, low-tannin red wine like Merlot, for example, might not trigger a migraine whereas a white wine high in tannins and sulphites may.

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These falling energy levels create migraine symptoms such as numbing and tingling. In addition, the trigeminal, optic and auditory nerves coming from the brain become overactive, causing pounding temples, visual disturbances and sensitivity to light and noise.

Studies show that people who suffer from migraines often have lower-than-normal levels of magnesium, vitamin B2 and Coenzyme Q10�micronutrients that help brain cells metabolize glucose. Supplementing with these three nutrients (as with Dolovent�), can help correct deficiencies to keep brain energy normal. In turn, normal energy levels help keep sensitive nerves from becoming over-stimulated and leading to an attack.

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Butterbur Found More Effective than NSAIDs

Research has shown the herbal supplement butterbur to be effective in reducing the frequency and severity of painful attacks. Plus, it has been shown to be more effective than nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen and naproxen. That�s good news since NSAIDs are linked to increased risk for heart attacks, as well as potential damage to the stomach, kidneys and liver.

To reduce your risk of side effects even more, remember that not all butterbur products are free from the potent liver toxins (pyrrolizidine alkaloids or PAs) that occur naturally in the plant. Safety testing of Petadolex� brand butterbur, however, confirms that there are no detectible PAs in the product. So, you can give up the risks of NSAIDs and unpurified butterbur products�without giving up effectiveness.

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