Stress seems to be such a big part of the holidays. In this issue, we look at a mineral that can boost your resilience to stress and to the resulting nerve "cramping" that may trigger migraines.

We also offer an essential oil recipe that might give you the gift of relief throughout this holiday season, plus secrets for sweeter dreams ... and fewer migraines.   

From all of us here at Natural Brain Health Report, best wishes for a happy holiday and a healthy New Year!

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The Mineral With a Gift for De-stressing

When it comes to good health, magnesium is getting a lot of attention. Some sources -- including medical journals - associate it with everything from lowering blood pressure to preventing age-related memory loss and neurological discomfort. Magnesium imbalance is even being linked to autism which is thought to originate from a disturbance of the cellular structure of the brain during pregnancy.

Magnesium's role in supporting brain cell structure puts it at the top of our own brain health "radar." Let's take a quick look at how magnesium works.

The "anti-stress" mineral. In the most basic sense, magnesium stabilizes the nervous system. It does this by counteracting vascular cramping that can keep brain cells from getting the energy they need. Magnesium also helps block messenger substances that can otherwise trigger inflammation and pain. This produces a relaxing effect that has earned magnesium its reputation as the "anti-stress mineral." In the body, this same stabilizing, anti-inflammatory effect is thought to help prevent abnormal heart rhythms and improve long-term blood-sugar control in people with diabetes.

Do you have a deficiency?
A few years ago, the Community Nutrition Mapping Project reported that 57% of the US population did not get the US recommended daily amount of magnesium. Even if you eat a diet rich in foods containing magnesium, you may burn reserves faster than you replenish them. This is particularly true if you exercise strenuously or experience stress.
What to do. If you and your doctor think you might have a magnesium deficiency, there are two things to keep in mind. First, you'll want to consider a supplement that delivers not just the government RDA, but the clinical strength magnesium shown necessary for erasing a deficiency. Second, if your symptoms include neurological discomfort, you may find it effective to combine magnesium with other natural brain-support supplements, especially riboflavin (Vitamin B2) and CoQ10 as there is good research behind these. Again, work with you doctor to find what works best for you.

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Essential Oils for Easing Stress

Certain essential oils are known for scents that can have a soothing effect. You can intensify the benefit by combining the power of aromatherapy with massage. Focusing the massage on the back of your neck can go a long way to defusing tension before it starts to take a toll on your well-being during the holidays.

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TRY THIS: Crystallized ginger (available at the grocery store) is easy to carry with you and can be chewed if you feel a headache coming on. You can also boil fresh or powdered ginger in water for a soothing tea. Don't like the taste of ginger? Just inhaling the vapor of ginger boiled in water may help!
Sweeter Dreams for Fewer Migraines

Many migraine sufferers also experience chronic sleep problems. Low levels of the mineral magnesium can play a role in both! Carefully controlled human studies from the Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center show that deficiencies can cause changes in brain waves that can lead to agitated sleep and set the stage for migraines - and even heart attacks. Taking a magnesium supplement may help, but only if it is potent enough. It takes about 600 mg per day to address a true deficiency.

Discover more about magnesium and sleep plus 6 additional secrets for sweeter dreams that could lead to fewer migraines. Click here.

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