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We know the benefits of keeping our bodies toned. Keeping your brain toned can also help you ward off migraines. Best of all, getting a "buff" brain doesn't have to mean lifting weights or doing mental math. In this issue of our newsletter we look at two very easy ways to help keep your gray matter in the pink.

We also look at how to prevent hidden sources of caffeine and stress from triggering migraines.

Thank you for sharing your ideas for migraine topics-and your personal stories about natural ways you're finding relief.

Amanda DiBenedetto

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Can a "Buff" Brain Outsmart Migraines?

We all know that a well-toned body can help protect us from disease. There's research to show that toning your brain may offer the same type of protection against migraine attacks. Let's look closer.

When doctors talk about toning the brain, they are really talking about two things:

1. Maintaining proper energy metabolism. The neurons in our brain require a lot of energy and "short circuit" when that energy falls short. In our cells, the mitochondria act as power plants to convert oxygen, and sugar, fat and protein from foods into useable energy. It takes the right amounts of the right sorts of foods to maintain normal metabolism to satisfy the brain's high demand for energy. If metabolism isn't toned to proper levels, blood vessels enlarge. This prompts them to release substances to constrict back to normal size. These substances can produce inflammation.

2. Keeping the blood vessels healthy. In addition, food sensitivity, hormones, stress and other factors can also trigger this same type of vascular instability, leading to inflammation as the brain's blood vessels repeatedly enlarge and constrict. One way to deal with this inflammation may be to "tone up" cerebral blood vessel muscles so proper blood flow is maintained which keeps the vessels more resilient as they enlarge and contract.

So, how do you keep brain energy and blood vessels toned? Try improving your nutrition and your cerebral blood flow.

As we often report in this newsletter, there is substantial research showing magnesium plays a key role in energy metabolism, as do Vitamin B (riboflavin) and Coenzyme Q10. Since diet alone may not provide the levels of these nutrients needed to maintain robust brain energy metabolism, supplementation can be very beneficial.

In terms of cerebral blood flow, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers and other anti-hypertensives can address vascular instability, but come with considerable side effects. A natural alternative is a CO2 extract of butterbur root which has been shown effective at toning blood vessel muscles and helping to minimize inflammation by keeping the vessels resilient.

Migraines are different in each person. But many, many sufferers have found that "toning their brains" proves to be a safe, effective and natural way to outsmart the frequency and intensity of migraines

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Migraine Prevention Tip: Avoid Hidden Caffeine

A little caffeine can actually help with migraine pain. But too much can cause over-stimulation. Even if you're careful with coffee, colas and energy drinks, you could still be getting enough caffeine to trigger migraine attacks. Over the course of a day, hidden doses of caffeine can add up, putting you at risk. Here are just a few of these hidden sources of caffeine:?

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  •  Orange soda can contain 41 mg of caffeine (colas have 45)
  •  Decaf coffee often has 20 mg of caffeine (regular has 100 mg)
  •  Coffee ice cream can have a s much caffeine per scoop as Coke®
  •  Dark chocolate can contain over 30 mg of caffeine
  •  OTC pain-relievers - Excedrin® Extra Strength includes 130 mg of caffeine
Switch Off Stress to Turn On Migraine Relief

We all know that stress can trigger migraines. But did you know that prolonged stress can actually hypersensitize our brain so we experience pain more often and more intensely. In addition to frequent headaches--including migraines--there are telltale signs that high levels of cortisol have you on the road to adrenal burnout, including these:
  •  Weight gain (particularly around your abdomen) even when you eat well and exercise, Frequent colds and infections
  •  Backaches
  •  Cravings for sweets
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