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It's funny to think of plants like butterbur root or nutrients like magnesium being manufactured. But that's exactly how they're turned into products you can use.

So, does how natural products are manufactured make a difference to safety and how well they work? In this issue of our newsletter we look at why it does.

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Amanda DiBenedetto

Linpharma Customer Education
Do Migraines Care How "Relief" is Manufactured?

There has been considerable research showing that herbs such as butterbur root and nutrients such as magnesium, Vitamin B2 and Coenzyme Q-10 can help reduce the intensity and frequency of migraines. So why don't they always work? Well, not every product (natural or prescription) works for everyone. Plus, not every natural product is the same as the products that produced the results touted in research. Let's look at why:

Without tight quality controls, manufacturing can fail to remove impurities. Sometimes, this isn't of concern. But some impurities can be downright toxic. Butterbur root, for instance, naturally contains liver toxins called Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids (PAs) that must be removed.

Unfortunately, quality checks of some butterbur products on the market today show they contain unacceptable PAs. With herbs, it's also important that the plants are grown without chemical protectants or synthetic fertilizers.

Clinical strength 
"Active ingredient" may tell you what's in a natural product, but how much of the ingredient is actually preserved during the manufacturing process? This is key because unless you're taking the same clinical strength used in research, you're unlikely to see the same benefit that the product delivered in those studies.
In Europe, particularly in Germany, all supplement-makers must comply with Germany's rigorous natural product manufacturing standards. This is why German-manufactured products like Petadolex® and Dolovent™ are recommended by so many physicians-in Europe and in America.

Bottom line: The migraine relief you may be able to get from natural products does indeed depend on how they're manufactured. Look for products that comply with German manufacturing standards.

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Computers and Migraines

You probably know that flickering lights are a common migraine trigger. But did you realize that your computer screen is actually flickering? Add in the glare of the screen and your computer may in fact be contributing to migraine attacks. What can you do?

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1. Don't sit in front of a computer for long periods of time. Take regular breaks.

2. Use an anti-glare screen.

3. Muscle tension in the head, neck and shoulders can also trigger attacks, so make sure you sit comfortably.

4. Make sure the room has good lighting-using your computer in a dark room can intensify the effect of the flickering

Do You Have Irlen Syndrome?

Irlen Syndrome is a fairly new term being used for light sensitivity. Not all people who suffer light sensitivity with their migraines have the syndrome, but you might. And it could be important because a small study has shown that 80% of migraine sufferers who have Irlen Syndrome get relief by wearing colored-lens glasses. Click to learn more!

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