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Like adults, children suffer from migraines. Childhood migraines, however, come with different symptoms and can be more difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to treat and prevent.

In fact, we just heard from a mom whose daughter suffered such frequent and intense migraines that she had to be put in a special school program for seriously ill children. For her daughter, a nutritional supplement made a dramatic difference.

In this newsletter, we offer a look at what doctors know about childhood migraines and what seems to help.
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Amanda DiBenedetto

Amanda DiBenedetto
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Childhood migraines: what seems to help

A clinical study published this January provides some of the newest research on childhood migraines. The study examined the impact migraines have on children, the value of prevention and whether an extract from the butterbur plant should be considered as part of a prevention strategy. Here is a summary of the findings.

* What causes migraine pain: The exact cause of migraine is unknown, but doctors suggest three theories. (1) The dilation and constriction of blood vessels. (2) Hyper-excitability of brain neurons. (3) The release of inflammatory agents in reaction to changes in the blood vessels.

* What triggers childhood migraines: Factors that trigger migraine attacks in children include stress, climate changes, sensory stimuli, changes in sleep-wake patterns, chocolate, cheese, nuts, shellfish and MSG. In adolescents, hormones may play a role as well.

* How childhood migraines differ from adult migraines: They tend to be shorter (sometimes an hour or less). In young children, the pain can be on both sides of the head vs. on one side for adolescents and adults. Dizziness, nausea and vomiting, anxiety, disturbed sleep and other symptoms while the cause - often a migraine - is overlooked.

* How childhood migraines are treated. Attacks can be treated with NSAIDs and prescription drugs.

* Alternatives to migraine drugs. A variety of drugs are used as preventives, but they can have significant side effects for children. This is why treatment with migraine prevention drugs is only FDA-approved for adults. Nutraceuticals are a promising alternative for young patients, especially a butterbur root extract called Petasites.

* Benefits of butterbur extract. According to the study, butterbur Petasites is not only effective at helping prevent childhood migraines, it is also well tolerated and has very few side effects, "making it an ideal migraine prophylactic therapy."

* Cautions about choosing a brand. The study cautions that butterbur may decrease the number or severity of migraines, but it is not a cure. Natural butterbur contains liver toxins called PAs and should be avoided. The Petasites form of butterbur manufactured in Germany removes these harmful substances and is the form of butterbur used in this and all other clinical studies to date.
Migraine Relief Tip3 Ways to Defeat Exercise-Related Migraines

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Warm up and cool down slowly so you don't "shock" your body.

Drink plenty of water before and after exercise since dehydration can trigger migraines.

Wear sunglasses or a visor to protect eyes from flickering sunlight - another migraine trigger.
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