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Relaxation is a powerful, natural way to help prevent migraines. So, this summer go ahead and let yourself take life a little slower. This is especially crucial as migraine sufferers seem to be more sensitive to stress. Read our article to find out why.

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Migraines Getting on Your Nerves?
Natural Prevention Strategies

Migraine Relief Tip:
Time to Add More Magnesium to your Diet?

Migraine Update:
Tips for Helping Prevent Migraines with a Better Night's Sleep

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More Than One Way to Prevent a Migraine

Are Migraines Getting on Your Nerves?

Are migraine sufferers more affected by stress than people who don't suffer migraines? They seem to be! While the exact connection is uncertain, researchers do know that during migraine attacks, changes in brain activity inflame the blood vessels and nerves around the brain. Looking at data from numerous studies, many researchers believe migraine sufferers' response is so intense because their nervous systems are simply more sensitive than those of people who don't suffer migraines. This may be why stress seems to be such a challenge for so many migraine sufferers.

If stress is a trigger for your own migraines, here are three natural ways to help soothe an overly sensitive nervous system.

1. Cool off. To douse the fire of inflammation, drink plenty of water and cut down on sugar and processed foods. Taking an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory comes with risks. Instead, try treating yourself to foods like tart cherries - shown to be 10 times better than aspirin for reducing inflammation. The natural supplement butterbur petasites (Petadolex) has also been shown highly effective for reducing nervous-system inflammation.

2. Tone up the blood vessels in your brain and nervous system to keep them resilient and less prone to inflammation. The butterbur petasites found exclusively in Petadolex along with the magnesium-riboflavin-CoQ-10 formulation of Dolovent are proven to tone the nervous system and improve blood flow in the brain. Foods like spinach, black beans and pumpkin seeds also carry these "brain" vitamins and minerals, but at lower concentrations than may be needed by people who suffer migraines.

3. Calm down. Stress triggers inflammation. Regular sleep, regular meals and regular exercise go a long way to defusing how you experience stress. Learning to break large tasks into small pieces can ease off pressure. Setting realistic limits for what you agree to take on not only reduces stress, it opens up more time for reading, listening to music or doing whatever relaxes and nourishes you. Remember, just as a deficiency of nutrients can deplete your cells, a deficiency of free time can deplete your sense of wellness and well-being.

Reducing stress while building your body's ability to deal with it can double your chances of keeping painful migraines from disrupting your life - and your health.

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Migraine Relief TipMigraine Relief Tip: Time to Add Magnesium?

Many migraine sufferers also experience chronic sleep problems. Low levels of the mineral magnesium can play a role in both! Carefully controlled human studies from the Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center show that deficiencies can cause changes in brain waves that can lead to agitated sleep and set the stage for migraines - and even heart attacks. Taking a magnesium supplement may help, but only if it is potent enough. It takes about 600 mg per day to address a true deficiency.

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Migraine UpdateMigraine

Let a good night's sleep help you prevent migraines! Download our checklist of 7 tips to help you enjoy better sleep.


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"I'm a 43-year-old female, have suffered migraines since the age of nine. My doctor's wife is using Petadolex with success so he recommended I try it as well. After the first month of using Petadolex, I charted a 20% decrease in my migraines. Petadolex makes life easier."

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Butterbur cited by American Association of Neurologists guidelines as the #1 OTC option for preventing migraines.


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