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As summer starts, we all think about relaxing a little more - which is an important part of migraine prevention. But summer can bring along a whole new season of migraine triggers, too. This month we take a look at few of these triggers, and how to prevent them.

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Preventing Summer Migraines
Prevention strategies for adults and children.

Migraine Relief Tip:
Put More Space Between The Dominoes

Migraine Update:
Checklist Of Foods That Can Trigger Migraines

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More Than One Way to Prevent a Migraine

Preventing Summer Migraines

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors, gather with friends and savor a bounty of fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, these activities can all spark migraines. Let's take a look:

When it's what you eat.
For many people, beverages like red wine, beer and sherry can trigger migraines. So can hard candies, olives, pickles, chocolate ice cream, cheeses, and that summer staple: hot dogs. Even over-ripe avocados and bananas are common culprits. Surprisingly, pizza and soups can be packed with problem ingredients.

If you suspect that what you eat or drink may be triggering your migraines, here are some easy prevention strategies: First, keep a food diary so you can track how what you eat or drink affects your migraine symptoms. Second, always try to avoid hidden triggers like MSG and artificial sweeteners like Nutrasweet.

When it's a nutrient deficiency.
A deficiency of magnesium, Vitamin B2 and the co-enzyme CoQ10 are associated with migraines. Even if you eat a healthy diet, magnesium levels may be hard to maintain during the summer, especially if you're playing sports or engage in outdoor activities. This can be a particular issue with children who suffer migraines because of the way magnesium levels can drop. Can supplementing with magnesium help? Yes, studies show that it seems to - but only if the magnesium is of the right strength to correct the deficiency. Consult with your doctor; you may find that Dolovent™ (magnesium, vitamin B2 and CoQ10) is well worth a try as it is blended to deliver the same clinical levels of nutrients that reduced migraine frequency and duration in research studies. This formula, though potent, has been shown safe for use by children as young as eight years old.

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Migraine Relief TipMigraine Relief Tip: Space The Dominoes

Is your to-do list like a line of dominoes? If one thing gets delayed, it sends everything else off schedule? Since stress invites migraines, try putting more space between your activities, even the fun ones. By building in more breathing room, you might accomplish a little less in a day. But then again, by losing fewer days to migraines, you may actually accomplish more.

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Migraine UpdateMigraine

Are common foods triggering your migraines? Download our checklist of common culprits.


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On supplementing with magnesium, Vitamin B2 and CoQ10
"Since taking Dolovent, it's like I'm healed. For many years I took supplements, extra vitamins and other magnesium-zinc products to help my migraines. I'd like to thank you for these capsules containing all three major ingredients."

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