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Welcome to the first issue of Natural Migraine Prevention Report. This monthly newsletter will share the helpful advice and new research we discover in working with Dolovent™ and Petadolex® products and customers.

We'll share the best insights from doctors, researchers and migraine patients on the role of sleep and stress, migraine-fighting diets, and much more. Please let us know what topics you would like to see in upcoming issues.

Welcome - and do let us hear from you!

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More Than One Way
to Prevent a Migraine

Doctors recommend
blending therapies to help
relieve and prevent migraines.

Migraine Relief Tip:
Switch Off the Pain

Migraine Update:
New Risks, Research
and Therapies

More Than One Way to Prevent a Migraine

More Than One Way to Prevent a Migraine

What triggers your migraines? No two people are the same. That's why migraine specialists are looking beyond an approach based exclusively on painkillers and acute medication.

At the Scripps Clinic conference, Headaches: Easing the Pain, leading pain and headache specialists Robert Bonakdar, MD and Christy M. Jackson, MD recommended an integrated approach. Here's a sampling of prevention strategies that might be part of this blended treatment plan:

Diet: Magnesium, B2 and CoQ10 deficiencies are associated with migraines. Supplements (or Dolovent™ which contains all three) help restore a healthy balance.

Herbal supplements: Supplements shore up the body's own natural defenses against migraine triggers. Petadolex®, for example, helps maintain proper blood flow in the brain.

Mind/Body therapies: Meditation, exercise, massage, yoga, biofeedback and acupuncture also improve circulation, reduce inflammation and help address migraine triggers such as stress or insomnia.

Talk with your doctor about developing a holistic plan.
Any one of these therapies can make a difference in preventing migraines. Combining them may give you even greater control - and relief.

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Migraine Relief TipMigraine Relief Tip: Switch Off the Pain

Bright halogen lights and flickering fluorescents may trigger migraines and can worsen migraine symptoms. Incandescent bulbs offer a steadier light. Dimmer switches can reduce the light's intensity which can ease symptoms, especially if you feel a migraine attack coming on. Don't like the idea of eco-unfriendly incandescent bulbs? Verilux is a company that makes natural spectrum fluorescent bulbs known for producing a bright but soft, eye-friendly light without flickering or glare.

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Migraine UpdateMigraine

Could preventing migraines protect you from brain damage down the road? Yes, according to the Migraine Update:
New Risks, Research and Therapies.


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What People are Saying

"As a supplement, Petadolex® is in a class by itself: It has the research, efficacy and standardized formulation to be considered a Tier 1 option. I prescribe Petadolex® confidently because it's clinically proven to provide significant relief to migraine patients."

Robert Bonakdar, MD FAAFP - Director of Pain Management
Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine


nutritional supplement

All-in-one, clinical strength supplement for correcting Magnesium, B2 and CoQ10 deficiencies associated
with migraines.


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